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cPanel User Name: CSense
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OK, so I'm trying a new way to handle our mail list & have some problems. We're trying Mandrill ( using SwiftMailer ( you know anything good or bad about either of these?

I got everything set up, ran a test, and got a "Failed to authenticate on SMTP server" error...My first thought was a problem with my API Key, but everything there seems ok...

Checking various possibilities with Mandrill, they say (about "Relay Access Denied" issues:

Ensure that your hosting provider or internet provider (ISP) allows outbound SMTP connections. Some shared hosting providers only allow outbound SMTP connections on dedicated servers, while others block them completely. In some cases, hosting providers might redirect the connection so instead of connecting to, you connect to their local server instead.


Make sure the port you've selected is one that your hosting provider or ISP has available for outbound SMTP connections. Some hosts block all connections on port 25, for example, so you'd want to try an alternate port.

So, before I contact them to figure out the problem, can you confirm that Giga allows outbound SMTP connections? If so, is there a specific port I should be using (Mandrill suggests 587)?

If Giga does not allow outbound SMTP connections, can you or DJB recommend an avenue I should pursue to re-implement our mail list feature?

Any info appreciated!

Many thnx,

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Aren't you exactly where the problem started, which is using a relay system through our server? Why not rather get an e-mail host where you have an option to use your own domain? I know one can use it through Google on a paid basis, but when I researched it a couple of weeks ago came across a number of dissatisfied customers who said there was no real support. They all seem to be moving to Zoho. Here is a review if you're interested.

I don't have much experience with the services you mentioned, and it looks a bit complicated and maybe more than what you need? If you like Mandrill it looks as though you have an alternative to SMTP. There is more than one way of using it, the other being along php route with the ATP key.

Zoho looks interesting. Why not check it out? I won't go for the free option if I were you as it is very limited and I've come across some bad reviews. It's almost like a bait and switch account luring you into paid. I've also picked up on bad reports about people who switched from free to paid and sense Zoho is in the process of phasing the free service out. You may just as well go straight for paid. I'd pick the basic service that is not so expensive - 24USD per year and that includes free support with no advertising:

Here is how it works to set it up - mostly through domain verification. Once you're set up it should be easy to maintain, and you get support as well:


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No response. Am marking it as solved for now. If further support is needed a new ticket can be opened.