Form Submission: Webhosting Support Request


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cPanel User Name: ddesign
Name of Domain:
Detailed Description: I don't able to access to the website. It says "Webpage not available" , the error is: "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED". I can access to my ftp with the IP address which given, and uploaded the Wordpress to my public_html folder, but the webpage is not accessible. I tried and (which given in pm), but the problem is still there. My cPanel is working too with the IP address, but when i want to open it from my domain, for example: or the problem is the same: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.
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Can you check it now?


Both should be working now.

I don't understand the language of the page, but when I translate it it says something to the tune of:
It seems that there is no wp-config.php file.


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Yes, because the ftp is worked when post this thread, and uploaded the WP, but don't able to setup because i don't reached the webpage. Now is working! Thank you. :)