Foundation 6


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Hi Guys,

Are there any front-end developers/designers who have used Foundation in the past? I have personally used it in the past, but I am not fan of it.

Since there is an unofficial Foundation 6, I was thinking about giving it a go as it has new things.

What I don't like about Foundation:
- HTML markup
- Navbar markup
- Plugins
- The grid system
- Community

What would make difference in Foundation 6 to Foundation 5 or Boostrap3? Any Ideas? Thoughts?


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Bootstrap seems to have a lot more support online, whenever I had a problem I've instantly found a solution online where as when I used foundation 5 I found it was harder to find help online. That's one of the reasons why I switched to Bootstrap and I don't think foundation 6 will be much better than 5 to be honest.

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