Free Account support .tk domain



Hallo, Gigarank,

i want to know that, your Free Account support .tk domain.

i want to get a free hosting. so, where i post 10 post?

pls help me......... pls


Staff member
Not sure whether you are trolling/spamming prodip, but for this once will give you the benefit of the doubt. Any further requests like these may be deleted or lead to a ban. They obviously do not count as credits towards the 10 quality posts that are needed for hosting space.

For more information about how to make the 10 QUALITY posts, please read our Guidelines:

You may use domains and we will register your domain as a primary domain if and when you are given a hosting account, but we don't support it obviously. You need to know something about in order to use it, like you would have to with any other domain.