Free Hosting Backup Policy


Should I rely on the recovery backups for keeping backups of my website?

While we make every effort to protect your data by utilizing the latest in storage & backup technology we encourage customers to take frequent backups of their files and databases.

We do create backups of our free web hosting and it maybe possible to restore your website from these. However, this is not a procedure you should rely on to keep your content safe. Our backups are not a substitute to keeping your own regular backups.

You can make your own free backups using the backup tool in the Hosting control panel (cPanel).

It's possible to restore your account for free by uploading your own backups using the restore tool in our control panel.


Staff member
Yet another reason we are leaders in our field. We used to take weekly backups of our free hosting users, now it`s every 48 hours.

Well done Un4 :drinks:


Great stuff un4. Reminds me I should make a full backup of my cpanel pronto. :drinks::drinks::drinks:


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No Please...... You make me feel like I get Free Hosting with Premium Services....Ok, i dont think I can find other free hosting provider like this one. Maybe soon, Bloomberg will interview us, I mean Gigarank. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


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I am very much obliged for Gigarank's fantastic service, you're really outstanding for a free webhosting and all their staff including un4, Genesis, Hazem and DJB! :clapping:


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I'm bad with backups. Don't ask me why. Maybe just because I'm a very lazy bloke. So this is great news indeed! :cool:


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I'm quite busy, and sometimes before I know it weeks have gone by before i can check up on my Website. So this is a fantastic service for me. And gives me plenty of peace of mind. Thanks un4saken! :good: