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my name is Marco, I AM from Italy.
I'M Passionate about Web, Security, Open Source so maybe Tecnology but also humanity.

I AM new on your website and I want made a suggestion.
By surfing your website is clear how can apply for a VPS but I think is not clear the Free Hosting Page where there are a Register button but you are redirected to the Forum.

I was thinking maybe for VPS you have to be an active user on the Forum and for hosting is different but I AM confused. Free Hosting is the same thing as VPS or are two different things? Seems are different ... but again in the page of the free hosting is not clear how to obtain it.

In the page of VPS is not clear if you have to post 10 post for month. I AM not really a big forum poster until there are not a valid reason. I AM looking for a free VPS or free "small" hosting because I want install an opensource app.
I want use that app for help other users and I need also the possibility to install a certificate.

So I think in this post I may suggest to see if the Free Hosting page can be more clear or also you can explain to me better.
Thank you!

With Love, Marco :give_rose: from italy
Hope this will seen as a good post, i belive in it :blush:


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Oh... Now I can understand the difference between VPS and Shared Hosting. FOr the forum post is
VPS 25 quality post.
Shared Hosting 10 quality post.

You should edit the Free Hosting page and make as is the VPS so I mean write 10 quality post in the forum.
VPS is more easy to request or maybe not is the same. each one have the button register but in VPS is better exmplained.
Very easy, just add maybe the post information also for the free Hosting. :)

But once an user can request Free Shared Hosting or VPS have to ost every month 10 or 25 post for keep the space?


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Thank you for the positive constructive feedback, we are currently in the development stages of redeveloping and redesigning the entire Gigarank website ready for launch in January 2017.

Your suggestion has been added to the to-do list.

We hope you enjoy our services and community forums, we also welcome feedback. So if you can think of anything else, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Chris / DJB


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Thanks @"DJB" !
Nice to see kind post and welcome message like yours.

Thank you and good luck for the new template :yahoo: