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Now that you have applied, you gotta wait for the admin to approve or decline your application.


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You use the Zone Editor for doing this. You don't have to point it, the Zone Editor will help you to set it up.

Otherwise, if it's a sub-domain like you asked in the support forum, you can set up an A record for the sub-domain, and then point the MX Record to it in the Zone Editor.


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nexter12 said:
i honestly think this will be a bigger turn of for most people. To create such a beautiful site with all the service, the site is supposed to be automated in approving account.

I think you are misunderstanding the reason why that is happening. Without much knowledge, my take on it is:
1) In order to have a website, there needs to be certain amount of resources dedicated to it; hardware and software that needs to be setup.
2) Those would need to be serviced, updated and kept in working order.
3) Both 1 and 2 imply ultimately resources ie expertise to do it and money to pay for the work/supplies.
4) You are getting the hosting "for free". But really "free" does not exist in hosting. Someone has to pay the bill.
5) How do you limit/restrict abuse?
I understand that you would prefer it to be automatic, but that is really only an option for bigger corporations/businesses that are making their money elsewhere and can afford to "loose" by offering "free services".
For example, if someone is giving a free TV, why would you not expect there to be some restrictions, like the person choosing ultimately who they will give it to, or asking for it to be collected on a specific date/place.
I think Gigarocket is in their right to make demands as well about their gift. Otherwise, do a web search and I am sure you will find other providers who would suit your needs.
However, if like me, you consider that the offering is worthwhile then, just sit patiently.
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