Free .me domain for a year from namecheap (and more <3)


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So guys, maybe some of you have already known this but just in case you didn't know yet, i'm gonna tell you that it's true, namecheap provide you a free .me domain for a year (and some heavily discounted domain for .io, .tech, .com, .website) as long on the title? Yes!

Now as long as you have .edu email address, you can get something more. Go grab a Github Student Developer Pack free ssl from namecheap for a year (which you can use to your previous free domain as well) , and also a " SendgridStudent plan 15K free emails/month


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That would be awesome, many thanks @"awan". Maybe you could run a competition with it?

For me is great for free domains. I've been using free domains from them for many years. The freenom Website works very well. There is a down side however in that the basis of its business is to get people to develop free domains and to build traffic. Once a domain has X traffic then Freenom takes it back (without a warning) and one can either get it as a paid domain, or sometimes lose it when someone else has grabbed it. One also has to make sure one has a Website on it. I used to have a great number of freenom free domains at the time when domains weren't that cheap and it was known as I can still recommend freenom though. Like if the domain is taken back, one can easily get a new free domain. There are several free extensions available. I use Freenom free domains a lot for testing new projects, and when the project takes off I then get a TLD domain from NameCheap or NameSilo.


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I am from Australia and I have a email and they accepted it fine. Github package also accepted it. Thanks for that!


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Yeah namecheap is where I buy domains their service quality is just good that I don't bother looking for others.
It's what I recommends when I speak to clients and customers asking me about TLD questions.
I didn't know they have this feature, it reminds of me of godaddy's 99cent first year kind of deal.
This will come in handy in the future, thanks for sharing this!


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Somehow none of my Visa (International) Debit & Credit Cards (Indian) worked with NameCheap. Heck my bank ended up blocking my card for trying twice & called me up for verification if I was being hacked or such.

Next I thought using PayPal, surprisingly, as soon as it is NameCheap, once again I run into bank declining payments towards namecheap. Even via paypal :angel:

I thought something wrong with all my banks & their cards but other international payments (direct or via paypal) are working fine :search:

Left it and started searching and settled with BigRock for the registration. Cheaper deal but missing that free privacy protection, as where its chargeable.