Free url submission ?


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Search on google for free url submission and you will get lots of free url submission links. You can select any url submission link or submit to all url submission website.


Use Google webmaster tool and add a sitemap to your root domain to get in Google within 3days.



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You do not need to free URL submissions service and also never use any tool to submit your URL to any directory or search engine. Better you can manually submit on authority directories.


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You can use this free search engine submission tool to submit to multiple search engines at once. It does work, it's the exact same as manually submitting but at least this way you don't have to visit each site and it saves some of the tedium.

You should still submit your site using Google webmasters so that you can control more elements of it, but this works pretty well for non-Google/Bing search engines.

You'll need to enter in an email address to confirm some of the directories or search engines it submits to, so make sure you have one on hand.