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Moved to Drupal Forum - Genesisincredibly powerful. The philosophy of Drupal is oriented toward high-quality, scalability-oriented coding. Drupal is huge. And free.

Now, why do I still use WordPress and why most webmasters do so? Because WordPress is so much simpler to THEME! Really, the lack of free, engaging theme with Drupal really is the biggest limitation I can find. Modules is not an issue, but themes really is.

That is why, despite all my praises for Drupal, I reluctantly still WordPress for all of my projects.

(I looked at the Joomla HTML code once and I talked with a webdesign company about Joomla. That was enough to convince me to forget it - this and their bloody exclamation mark).


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I think it depends on what you are doing. I use Wordpress for my website, but at work, we have a intranet in Drupal, and I must say... it rocks !

We were thinking to create an intranet with SharePoint, but when one of our team shoed us what you can do with Drupal, we've been impressed.

We have a complete CRM, customers, sales quoting tool, internal request workflow, vacation approval workflow, Wiki, documentation, and more in that intranet.

It requires skills, but it is powerful :)