From Daya143 - do I have to make monthly posts?

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daya143 said:
1st of all thaks for accepting my request, 2nd one is any post resticition here like monthly post, please confirm it, in TOS i check just sayed 10posts one time.
1st you're welcome.

2nd there is no requirement for monthly posts - for now. Only the 10 quality posts at the beginning in order to get hosting. That doesn't mean you should not be checking in at Gigalicous. As you really need to do that REGULARLY so you can watch out for important announcements that may affect your hosting. Like periodic clean ups, where your non-response could lead to your account being terminated.

Would be nice however for you to join the community here and make some posts. If you get into a habit of doing it regularly, then there is little chance that you will miss out on the important announcements.


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Making people post regularly would probably degrade the quality since people would come in just to post their min messages and there would be a lot of "haha" and one word responses.
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