Get WordPress images using media ID in a foreach loop


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I've seen how to get all images in the media gallery, vice versa, get images from post gallery, featured thumbnail BUT have not found how based on an image id.

I am creating a custom gallery shortcode and have an attribute called ids where just like the default built in gallery of wordpress it will output the images based on id.

I looked at the WordPress docs as well and to get image urls we would need wp_attachment_src function.

I have the shortcode :

// the ids they enter are image ids not post images or featured thumbnail its specific image ids from the media library

[some-gallery ids="8,4,23,9"]

add_shortcode('some-gallery', 'example_shortcode');
function example_shortcode($atts){
      'ids' => '8,6,9', // 8 is just a default placement
   ), $atts));

$arr = explode(",",$ids); //convert list of ids as an array
echo "<div id=\"container\">\n";
foreach($arr as $id) {
$img = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id); //get images using image id not working!!
    echo "<div>$img</div>\n"; //result is the word Array
echo "</div>\n";