getting hit hard by 1 ip since last night


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It is trying to log into my wordpress. I blocked it using wordfence. Anyone else seeing this too?

An unknown location at IP

IP: [unblock] [permanently blocked]

Reason: Manual block by administrator


Last blocked attempt to access the site was 4 secs ago.

0 hits before blocked

2560 blocked hits

Permanently blocked


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The IP looks legit. I checked at and it hasn't been blacklisted. So one guess (many possibilities) could be someone hacked the Website at that IP address and is using it to launch scripts to get into Word Press sites. Word Fence is a life saver. I don't like Word Press because I've experienced how vulnerable it can be from a security point of view and also drain bandwidth in virtual minutes if something goes wrong with themes or plugins (not worth the hassle for me), but if I really have to have a Word Press site, that would be the first plugin I would load. Well done!


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cssclean2014 said:
Is there any software I can use to stop such attacks?
Maybe it would help if you read all of the posts in this thread. The thread discusses software that the author is using to block the attacks.

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