Getting IIS6 to play nice with WordPress Pretty Permalinks


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I've got a WordPress powered blog that I'm trying to get setup on our IIS6 server and everything works besides the permalink structure which I'm having a big headache with.

After googling around/wordpress codex I learned that it's because IIS6 doesn't have the equivalent of Apache's mod_rewrite which is required for this feature to work. So that's where I'm at now. I can't seem to find a functional solution to get the pretty permalinks to work without the "index.php/," anyone have any recommendations?

What I can't do:

<li>Upgrade to IIS7</li>
<li>Switch to Apache</li>
<li>Quit my job</li>

Those suggestions have been offered to me, which sadly, I can't do any of those. Just an, FYI.

Much thanks for anyone who can lead me in the right direction.