getting into the field


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Hi everyone,

So I'm sure many of you either are in full time work within this kind of field.

My question is, what would you recommend to learn for someone trying to get their foot into the door with junior roles for web design or similar media related areas.

Since graduating I've mainly done freelance whilst working odd jobs and getting turned down for most roles due to lack of industry experience. Seems it's pretty tough to stand out these days with so many people making websites.

How did you all start out? Do you enjoy what you do?


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Yeah I know HTML and CSS those two are pretty simple.

I think for me I didn't know whether to go the way or php as different places ask for different skills.

My SQL skills are pretty basic at the moment though which I think lets me down and also PHP for most interviews.

I still need to delve into e-commerce too, I've never attempted any kind of shopping/ordering system, if you were asked to make one which route would you go software wise?


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I know Chris is doing pretty well on the SEO side of things. So you're right. You've got to find a niche for yourself first. Preferably one that you move into spontaneously because that is what you like and in what you could be good at. I thought you said you were qualified in multi media, so I'd have thought that your strengths would come out of that area? Building videos for example and putting multi-media packages together for the Website industry requires special niche skills. I'm also thinking of training Websites that basically consist of training videos.