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There`s lots of talent floating around here on the Gigarank community!

I have a suggestion!

How about we pool together our talent and creativity to create a fully working CMS script!

If we can create a great CMS script that people can download and use for free if would be a great community achievement and probably a first for a free hosting community.

Who would like to join in on the development of GigaCMS?

Just think! You would have your name on the developers list, which in turn would help with raising your profile as web developer / webmaster.

If we successfully create a fully fledged CMS you would know it inside and out, all the code, the development changelog which you could later down the line use your skills and knowledge in styling and modifying GigaCMS websites and make some money too.

I do have a suggestion, we use xml to save data!


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It would be a great opportunity :) I can join, it will help me to learn developing and raise my knowledge.
Coding is not my thing sadly but I'd be willing to help out in terms of icon creation if you find yourself needing any made and you have no-one better for the job, no problem there at all.


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That is a good idea! I am not a professional coder, but could help out with some suggestions and design of interface and graphics overall.


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I am in it will be a learning experience for me I am not very good at writing code but i do pretty good at editing to make it do/look the way I want. I am working on getting better at development so where do we start?

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