is down!


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Now the website is up again and I've posted on my blog.(laugh).

Marked as solved.


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gamenovel said:
still down from here mate you need to recheck your files
Gamenovel,this is not true.
Gigapages is in an active state, this domain is intended for the location of subdomains on it, which are issued free of charge for hosting users who do not have a personal domain or do not want to purchase it.
If you're talking about "Index of /", then this is just a designation for an empty directory.


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gamenovel said:
yes exactly what i'm talking about
Gamenovel, this domain should not be filled with content, its only purpose is subdomains for users.

Looks like Gamenovel is a new spam account. He doesn't have a hosting account with Gigarocket. His account has therefore been banned and his posts removed from the Forum.