Google Authorship Disappeared


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Ok this morning I was doing my weekly serp check on my website and at first glance I thought wft where`s my website gone.

Looking a little closely my website serps where still ranking ok but my Google Authorship picture has disappeared, not sure why! The rich snippet code is intact. That`s the first time the Google Authorship image and information has gone walkabout since I added it early this year.

Anyone experienced this issue before? I did run a couple of searches, it appears fairly widespread.


New member
my website also like that.
maybe google have some update.

this is 2nd times my picture disappear. the first time because my code in hidden property.


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Google have weird rules and updates. It was working for my site. It used to show my picture, but then it disappeared and never reappeared. :(

When i checked on rich text snippet, it says everything is setup properly but it just doesnt show up on google results.