google cloud and wordpress


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I have just started playing with Google cloud. I used to work on normal servers so I need advice.
I created my first instance and deployed Wordpress. I installed woocommerce plugin. The shop is quite fast and I am happy (with the lowest settings) but now:

<li>I wanted edit function.php but I can't. The attributes are read only so How can I change it?</li>
<li>How to get access to my all files I can't see them in storage cloud. How to set up ftp?</li>
<li>What about database for my shop? I understand I can create new data base but where to access to current data base of my wordpress.</li>
<li>What should I deploy more to work comfortable with my wordpress?</li>
<li>About ssl</li>

SNI SSL certificate slots are offered for no additional charge for
accounts that have billing activated. Free accounts are limited to 5

I have no experience with ssl but I plan run shop so what it means. Free certificates for 5 instances or 5 deployement ? How many certificates do I need to run one shop?

I know there are many questions but I wanted to go further and all advise on internet is outdated because are for older versions of google cloud. Please help me to understand this all.