Google Glass


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Any Glass owners here? Made any apps and such with them? Have one and haven't used it much, looking to do...something with it. I'm not sure if it's even worth it since it looks like google has pretty much abandoned it at this point. At least not doing much to revive/fix it.
Sad to see something that had so much potential die because of people being crazy paranoid about privacy, not saying that's a bad thing however.


Google are making the Google Glass 2 which looks like it will be for the workplace and not the public since people got worried about privacy. So Google glasses are not dead but besides from that I don't know anyone who owned it and I assume that not many people were able to get their hands on it at all.


I don't know anyone who has one either. Weren't they pretty expensive, or something? If the existing ones still work, then they might be useful for multitasking...It's been a while since I've read things about them, so I've probably forgotten a ton about what they can do. It could be a neat way to use your phone, if it can connect with Google Glass.


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I have watched several movies that Google Glass is used , it seems to work very well ..
But, i will not buy.


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I'm not going to buy it, However, when i see the post pop up in my facebook page I will show you that the project isn't dead, It looks like the ravamped the their design and functionality, but no videos that show any demonstration as far as I can tell.