Google help you locate your stolen phone without software


Many of us lost his smartphone somewhere or his smartphone was stolen and he regret because he has not installed a program to identify and locate the phone location. For this I want to share with you in this thread an information may not be known to many of us about a good news announced by Google that You can locate your Android phone (only Android) by simple research in the Google engine .

Enough to write "find my phone", then a pop up window will tell you the last location of your phone!
In addition you can also ring, lock or wipe your personal data remotely.
You may be asked to login to your gmail account registered on that lost smartphone.

This is a test on my phone




Wow, that's pretty neat! I tried out Android Device Manager once and uninstalled it because it seemed like you needed to have a second Android device for it to do anything useful. I didn't know about this though.
Like Ogah said, does it work if GPS is turned off, or if the phone itself is turned off?



I tested my phone when
1. GPS is off, but connected to the internet and got this msg


Your device's location access is turned off.
Last online April 17, 2015

but when click the ring button it began ringing and this may result with that when GPS is off Google will not tell you the location.

2. GPS is off, connection is off , and got this msg

Location unavailable
Last online April 17, 2015

and the ring feature did not work.

But last weak I tested an android app. which sends you the location and the time if the phone switched of by a msg through your phone carrier to any other phone and if the mobile data is on it will send you a quick photo of the person who carry the phone on your other phone and on your email inbox and if you protect the app from being uninstalled with a password , so nobody can stop its feaures .

This App is Cerberus anti theft

Give it a try with the trial version for a week.

Thank you


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This not works if the person who got your phone just reset your phone or wipe your data or chache. I have connected my phone trough my wifi also turned on the GPS but not working because just a minute back I installed MiUi Custom Rom for my Android Phone. Still didn't add any google account to it. So it is so clear that if the thief or the person who got your phone erase or reset your phone, you will no longer be able to find or get that phone back. One last way is to use the IMEI which is often used by NSA, FBI, Police and others. which means soon after any sim inserted in your phone stolen the SIM card will receive the IMEI to register your phone to the GSM or CDMEA network. You can call all the phone service provider's customer care number and ask them that if any IMEI recently been registered which is same with your phone's IMEI to their network. And in case you didn't note your IMEI then you can just call your phone operator's or Service Provider's customer care hotline number and then give your phone number and they will tell you your Phone IMEI number which has been last used by your own SIM card. Although there is an app for android called NoSpace If you install this on any two smart phone then you can find the location of another one any time. It's really helpful for family members and lovers.


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AVAST giving better protection.
At least it can survive Hard Reset.

This feature haven't helped me at all when the phone was lost.
Location option was disabled, as well - DATA.
And our phone is "blind"