Greetings from Ukraine!



Hello I am Alex. My native language is Ukrainian and I live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine :smile:
I am 40 years old, and I have been using the Internet since the last century.
I'm studying javascript and such-like stuff for personal use. I believe certain knowledge is necessary for a comfortable stay on the Internet. For example, I often have to write custom styles or userscripts.

I read about your hosting on or a while ago. Now I do not remember which one. Just added the Gigarocket's site to the bookmarks. And now I needed hosting, so I registered on your forum.

I'm going to use a free shared hosting for experiments and learning, as I plan to study PHP.

I'm glad to take over this quest to get the hosting package.


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Hiho and welcome to Gigarocket. I'm glad that you are finally decided to visit us and use our services. Just remember that we are not allowing any kind of ftp or cloud server to store files online.


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Hey there Alex, great to have you here at GigaRocket, warm welcome.

We say this to all our new community members, be sure to read the FAQ's?