GTA- San Andreas SAMP (Muliplayer)

I so much time spend for GTA SAMP, but i think Multi Theft Auto is better than SA:MP. And i now to playing with MTA:Sa :)


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wow, really? there is multiplayer in san andreas version? i love to chack taht, thanks for information, i will install it. :D anyway from i read above, what a diffrent beetween GTA SAMP and MTA SA? thanks before. i am very excited :D


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Holy Moly, Actualy its a great feeling when u see game on what u grow up. Remember the times when everyone was playing it?
Nowadays companies dont create that type of legendary games thats sad ;/


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This game is a bit old and graphics are bad but I still like it.I play on some romanian server but rarely I also enter international servers.


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I play multi theft auto, samp is bad graphic.. mta own good modes etc RP, Roleplay + really jobs and more.. This is grand theft auto San andreas + mta (multi theft auto)