Has anyone tried Cloudbric?


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Cloudbric is a cloud-based enterprise-level website protection service. It has a free plan for up to 4 GB of web traffic per month.

They are supposed to provide you with Advanced DDoS Protection(Layer 3, 4, 7), PCI-Certified Web Application Firewall(WAF), Global Content Delivery Network, Web Optimization, OWASP Core Rule Set, Reputation-based Threat Protection, Block Visitors by IP or country, Login Protection, SSL Support etc..

So have anyone tried them yet? If so whats your review of Cloudbric..


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I can say I have not heard of them thus far, nice find. Let me know how you get on with Cloudbric, a free plan with upto 4GB protection would be fantastic for most of the users her on Gigarank as that is the average bandwidth level usage.

Let us know your review, infact would you be willing to write a blog post on you're experience with Cloudbric for the Gigarank blog? If so @"Genesis" can help setup a guest author access.


Hi there, thanks for your interest in Cloudbricfeel free to drop me a PM so I can get you and other Gigarank members connected with a support staff for the smoothest transition towards receiving maximum website security. You can also take a product tour on our website to play around with our user-friendly dashboard.

Note also that Cloudbric has begun providing free SSL service since early October this year :)