Hello and some suggestions


Hello :)

I am the new admin :pleasantry:

Long live Gigalicous

Now suggestions

*Where is the package of free hosting ?
*Is account creation going to be by staff members or some kind of auto process ?
*Is there any future idea of adding multi languages forums ?
*I guess Gigalicous need to be more social friendly like creating twitter account and facebook page , adding share icons in posts etc...
*When can we start advertising the free hosting to our friends ? I mean are we ready yet or ... ?
*Is this a ffmpeg.co related or not ?
*If not is ffmpeg enabled ?
*What other functions will be disabled ? and technically Why ?
*Are the forum and the hosted webs age restricted ?
*Is there a pay to upgrade system ? like you pay 2$ and not have to post monthly or have extra space etc...

I'll update when have more questions

by the way it is very nice to see you all dudes in one place again and we will rock in no time as usual.

I do graphics and can convert psd to html/css
And I post alot when I feel like home

and I still miss stonerocket :(


Staff member
Nice to see you Hazem. I'll let Chris and un4saken answer all of the questions. The one I'm curious about would be ffmpeg. I hope it won't be offered as one would have to have enormous server resources to support it. May also require plenty of support.