Hello everyone.


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Well this is the right way to enter a new community, i just don't get it why i didn't do it in the first place.
I am glad to be here with a community of wonderful people.

I am a self learnt programmer who has set out for a presence on the web and maybe make a point.:yahoo:

In my few years on the webs, i have managed to teach myself C++, python, haskell, golang, ruby and abit pf PHP.
I hope to learn and share with this community fo as much as my brain cores can allow.


Welcome to Gigarank @"Kenjoe41"! Wow, you know a lot about programming! It's also really nice of you to share your knowledge with the community. Glad you found us!


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Yozora said:
Wow, you know a lot about programming!

Programming is the one thing i know better to do and have a passion for in this Computer world. I take passion in solving problems programmatically and dissecting other people's code for errors, vulnerabilities and design flaws. Lets see where Gigarank takes me then.