Hello Gigarank


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My name is Brian, or "Data" as my friends call me, due to my tendency to over-analyze and research any and all topics of conversation. I am currently a university student who is studying Information Technologies with a concentration in robotics and artificial intelligence, and I am heavy into game and application design! :yahoo:

I found gigarank the same way that I found a prior web hosting service that had an anti-ad, "posting-for-hosting" business model. But that was well over a decade ago and that service ended up being sold to an outside bidder. That was a fun co-administrative job that actually made you feel like you were helping people, you know? So I definitely appreciate the service that staff here is trying to provide to their clientele. So to show my appreciation for finding another hosting service such as Roxr, I decided to purchase a plan rather than tie up the servers with a free account.

Anyways, I'm rambling now. Glad to be here, nice to meet all of you and happy building! Cheers :)


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Welcome to Gigarank Brian! Our owner, Chris (DJB) loves to analyze why people choose our web service. Particularly since he is a SEO specialist. Your contribution how you found us is definitely unique! :drinks: