Hello Gigarank


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Hi lads ,
im still new here ,2 days have passed so i thought it would be time to say hi to the community .
My Nick is Bruno, 30y old male from belgium and i am a apprentice in php-webdevelopment .
I like sports in general , from football to Formule 1 , Tennis and Cycling.
Also i like to game alot , ARPG(Diablo3) , ARPG(Grim Dawn) .
And i do some streaming from time to time .
Played 6-7years Wow -.- thats has been a while ago tho .

Anyway take care guys have a nice day .


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Welcome to Gigarank Bruno. :drinks:

I visited Belgium last year - Brussels and Mechelen. Met mostly Flemish although it was easy to converse in English every where. Am curious, are you from the Flemish, German or French speaking side of Belgium?


Welcome, @"bruno" ! Glad you found us. Sports, huh? That's pretty neat! I like watching the World Cup.


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@"Genesis" No im from the Flemish side , Limburg - Lanaken almost on the border with Netherlands.


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Welcome @"bruno" to Gigarank

Hope you will enjoy and help us to grow up together on this big internet.