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Hi guys,

I've been lurking round here for a couple of days now and finally decided to sign up, I used to be part of the staff over at a free hoster called Zeeblo (if anyone remembers them!) and I've been floating around various communities since, but they've all either gone under or disappeared without warning (De ja vu :confused:).

However I have a good feeling about this place, the community seems great and I can't wait to get involved and bring over my previous experience to help out where I can.

See you around :wink:


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Welcome to Gigarank Synthetic. Great you decided to anchor at our place. This is a great community under super leadership- awesome owner and awesome tech admin with collectively years and years of experience in free hosting. They've found a community model that works very well and provides fun at the same time. :drinks:


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Thanks for the warm welcome Genesis :smile:

I totally agree, everything you've said has echoed the feeling I have got from just browsing the forums and I'm looking forward to getting involved :drinks: