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Hello guys,

I am stuck :undecided:

One of my clients need this

Their are profiles in his site with different name
Currently the links are like this but he want it to be

Any body have any idea on this? :spiteful:

Okay, I think its RewriteURL, but can someone give me a short example or something of it?

PS: I was not able to edit my previous post. I can only edit after 45 mins! :confused: Why did the admin add this? It doesn't make any sense? :unknown: If I forgot to add something in my post, I should be able to edit it within seconds.


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(1) Harshit, you've made quite a number of these elementary type support requests, and hopefully this is the last one. You could have easily solved the question by Googling it. Please don't create any more of these threads before you have researched them. Check YouTube and there is a great chance you'll find a detailed step-by-step guide.

(2) 45 minutes are more than enough time to make edits to your post.

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