Help with virtual model


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I'm not 100% sure but when you said
Hazem said:
I was looking for a way to show the visitor how it would look like on his face, and I found that Ray Ban has it exactly as I though
did you mean just to show a final picture (which might could be pre-rendered on the server and send to the customer as an PNG/JPEG image) or to have the ability to rotate the face in 3D (not fully free in the room but along the vertical axis).
Because if I had to create a highly compatible website I would just pre-render something in between 3 to 10 perspectives on the server and send them to the customer viewing the site. Switching the current perspective could be done by swiping between the images or clicking on small preview icons.
afaik iFrames are also possible on most mobile devices allowing to position all perspectives on the same spot, and control them using a JavaScript.