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Hello Gigarank members/staff,i'm glad to be here with you'll.You can call me by my username as well (savian90), my nickname is most of the games Malignus or my name Marcos and,i'm from Brazil and this is the reason sometimes my english is "poor", so i guess it's this!
Regards, savian90


Welcome to Gigarank Savian90. The reason why we want to see people express themselves in English is that it shows their ability to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Hosting. The ability to write English also shows to us the ability to communicate if and when necessary. If the person is unable to read and write English, then he/she would be equally unable to understand the Terms and Conditions of our Hosting. The rules of hosting are very important, particularly in countries like the UK where rules are more strictly interpreted and where security is very important to our Datacenter. If a Datacenter in a country like the UK should pick up on content that is forbidden (but may be allowed in your country but you just didn't understand because you could not read and understand the TOS) then that could land us in serious trouble.

If you are unable to communicate in English or communicate poorly, then maybe this is not the right place to get hosting. It would be better if you look for a host who speaks and understands your own language.