Hi, everyone! Interested in music?


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Hi, everyone!

I'm here to checkout MariaDB in an experimental way. I have some mySQL experience, but I'd like to look at the differences.

I'm the creator and developer of the free iOS/Android game PlayAlongKeys. Safe for kids and all. It's sort of my contribution to the world. No advertising or anything like that. Try it. You may like it.

I'm a musical instrument developer from ARP, Kurzweil and other places. I run the EWI Users group on Facebook. An EWI is an Electronic Wind Instrument, sort of like a synthesizer that might look a bit like a clarinet. We also discuss EVI's, which are Electronic Valve Instruments. I'm fortunate to have some pretty amazing people in the group.

I'm currently working on music projects in SwiftUI, Flutter and Arduino. I'd like to hear of any similar things you might be doing



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Hi @PlayAlongKeys. Thank you for some of the most interesting posts I've read in a great while. Looks like you're one of a kind original out of the box music app creator, and also a teacher. From Vermont. We're honored to have you posting at Gigarocket.

My humble apologies on behalf of the owner. This Forum is open for posting, but unfortunately hosting came to an end at end of last year. However, there are other good sources of free hosting, so if you should be in need of this, please let us know in the Support Forum. For example, you could try to contact one of our members, Binil, who is offering free cpanel hosting. As far as I know until December. He'll advise in December whether he is going to continue this beyond December.