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Quality Post Guidelines, as low quality posts do not count towards earning hosting or VPSs.

What are you talking about? Why my reply is low quality? What I supposed to write?
[/quote]It is up to you Excrucio. If you make low quality posts you won't be able to get a hosting account. Suggest you read our Guidelines for Quality posts if your intention it to post for a hosting account. As to what you're supposed to write, if writing is not your thing, then Gigarocket is not the right place for you. We're a quality posts for hosting host.


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I understand that but why this post is a low quality one?
Most of other users are writing shorter ones...


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A quick welcome - good to have you here, the VPS is great, I love spending time here as it's willed me along to learn more and meet people like yourself. Share you experience with the community and get involved. I'm setting up an online store using these services myself, Wordpress based - there is loads of WP experience on these forums.

Anyway, good luck, see ya around