Hi Guys!


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Hey all!

The name's Nikana. :yahoo: I used to be a fansite/personal website owner during my highschool days, owning more than a total of 10 sites over the years. I'm in college now and after years of being on hiatus with my online side, I thought I'd get back into making websites and stuff. :) Aside from being a student, I do Freelance work as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer.

I saw Gigarank through Google and it seemed like a good place to be with the big community and the cPanel hosting/features, hence why I'm here now.

Nice to meet you all! :p *checks out the rest of the forum*


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It's a pleasure to meet you iGdesigner :)

Yes, yes. I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of the forum, as well as meeting other Graphic Designers here.
Nice to meet you skywalkergirl, found yourself a great new home right here, hope you enjoy spending time here with us. :smile:


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Nice to meet you too Skywalkergirl. Would be wonderful if we could see some of your graphics work. :cool: