Hosting questions


I'm still building my site, so I haven't applied for hosting yet, but I had a few questions to ask...

Do you guys have some sort of steady revenue stream? I hate to ask, but I've seen many other free hosts disappear because they couldn't pay for their servers anymore, even those which had been around for a while, so I get kind of worried.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do it yet, but if I made a Japanese version of my English site, or translated some parts of it to Japanese, would that be allowed? It would still be plain text, so you could use Google Translate or something to confirm that it's just a translation of the main English site. I might have missed it, but I didn't see other languages mentioned in the rules, so I wasn't sure. If not I have the site just in English, but I figured I'd check.

Also, I read it the rules that if a site uses very little bandwidth it may be flagged for deletion. When I get my portfolio site up I'm going to try to promote it a lot, but with so many other sites out there, I'm worried that it might not get many hits. :(
Is there a way to save it if it gets flagged, and if not, will I be able to re-apply for hosting?

Thanks for making such a great site!


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Yes. If you get flagged,you will get some time to backup your website, but the other question might be a little bit tricky,, because if tge bandwidth from free hosting service wouldn't be enough, then you would have to upgrade to the paid hosting.


Do you guys have some sort of steady revenue stream? yes
Japanese, would that be allowed? yes
Is there a way to save it if it gets flagged? yes


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I didnt want to open a new post so I thought asking inhere would be ok sorry if it isn't. I also noticed about the low bandwidth thing too but I use cloudflare on my site as an attempt to intentionally reduce bandwidth usage will this be a problem?


OK, thanks for the helpful replies! I finished making my site, so I'll go and apply for hosting. :)