How can I change the text on "post comment" button?


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I am building a site for some therapists using wordpress and am using the comment section of a post for a question and answer with the therapists. However I cannot find where the text is coming from on the "post comment" button. I would like to change it to "Post a Question".

The comments.php in the theme has nothing about it and I cannot find it anywhere in the main wp-comments-post.php

Any help would be great!


The web address is <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Edit: My confusion has been that I cannot find the 'post comment' anywhere. Also if I just add it then there becomes two buttons and the new one does not actually submit. Here is the code.

 * Comments Template
 * @file           comments.php
 * @package        Pilot Fish
 * @filesource     wp-content/themes/pilot-fish/comments.php
 * @since          Pilot Fish 0.1
if ( post_password_required() ) : ?&gt;
&lt;p class="nocomments"&gt;&lt;?php _e( 'This post is password protected. Enter the password to view any comments.', 'pilotfish' ); ?&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
&lt;?php /* Stop the rest of comments.php from being processed */
endif; ?&gt;

&lt;?php if (have_comments()) : ?&gt;
&lt;h6 id="comments"&gt;&lt;?php comments_number(__('No Response to', 'pilotfish'), __('One Response to', 'pilotfish'), __('% Responses to', 'pilotfish')); ?&gt; &lt;i&gt;&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;&lt;/i&gt;&lt;/h6&gt;

&lt;ol class="commentlist"&gt;
    &lt;?php wp_list_comments('avatar_size=60'); ?&gt; 

&lt;?php if ( get_comment_pages_count() &gt; 1 &amp;&amp; get_option( 'page_comments' ) ) : ?&gt;
&lt;nav class="pager"&gt;
    &lt;div class="previous"&gt;&lt;?php previous_comments_link(__( '&amp;#8249; previous','pilotfish' )); ?&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;!-- end of .previous --&gt;
    &lt;div class="next"&gt;&lt;?php next_comments_link(__( 'next &amp;#8250;','pilotfish', 0 )); ?&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;!-- end of .next --&gt;
&lt;/nav&gt;&lt;!-- end of.pager --&gt;
&lt;?php endif; ?&gt;

&lt;?php else : ?&gt;
&lt;?php if (comments_open()) : ?&gt;

$fields = array(
    'author' =&gt; '&lt;p id="comment-form-author"&gt;' . '&lt;label for="author"&gt;' .     __('Name','pilotfish') . '&lt;/label&gt; ' . ( $req ? '&lt;span class="required"&gt;*&lt;/span&gt;' : '' ) .
    '&lt;input id="author" name="author" placeholder="'. __('name (required)', 'pilotfish').'" type="text" value="' . esc_attr($commenter['comment_author']) . '" size="30" /&gt;&lt;/p&gt;',
    'email' =&gt; '&lt;p id="comment-form-email"&gt;&lt;label for="email"&gt;' . __('E-mail','pilotfish') . '&lt;/label&gt; ' . ( $req ? '&lt;span class="required"&gt;*&lt;/span&gt;' : '' ) .
    '&lt;input id="email" name="email" placeholder="'. __('email (required)', 'pilotfish').'" type="text" value="' . esc_attr($commenter['comment_author_email']) . '" size="30" /&gt;&lt;/p&gt;',
    'url' =&gt; '&lt;p id="comment-form-url"&gt;&lt;label for="url"&gt;' . __('Website','pilotfish') . '&lt;/label&gt;' .
    '&lt;input id="url" name="url" placeholder="'. __('website', 'pilotfish').'" type="text" value="' . esc_attr($commenter['comment_author_url']) . '" size="30" /&gt;&lt;/p&gt;',
$defaults = array('fields' =&gt; apply_filters('comment_form_default_fields', $fields));

&lt;?php endif; ?&gt;