How can I edit styles in the admin section of a Wordpress site (eg. changing the color of the admin toolbar)


Staff member
Will someone please show me how to change the color of one dashicon on the wordpress admin toolbar? When I change the color in browser inspector, the color changes, but when I add it to my style sheet, it does not work no matter how specific I make it.

#adminmenu .current div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu .wp-has-current-submenu div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu a.current:hover             div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu a.wp-has-current-submenu:hover div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu li.wp-has-current-submenu a:focus        div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu li.wp-has-current-submenu.opensub div.wp-menu-image::before, #adminmenu li.wp-has-current-submenu:hover       div.wp-menu-image::before {
color: #e74b4b;