How can I highlight element on a webpage using Selenium-Python?


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I have been handed over a existing selenium framework which uses python for scripting. For debugging(& other) purposes, I would like to highlight the element on which action is being taken currently (input box, link, drop-down etc.)

Though I could find solutions to define a function and calling the function wherever I need to highlight the element(as examples given below), what I need is a solution at the framework level.

<li><a href="">Selenium webdriver highlight element before clicking</a></li>
<li><a href="https://seleniumwithjavapython.word...ecutor/highlighting-a-web-element-on-webpage/" rel="nofollow noreferrer">https://seleniumwithjavapython.word...ecutor/highlighting-a-web-element-on-webpage/</a></li>

Is it possible to implement any solution at the framework / script level in Python (or any other language which can be integrated with python scripts), so that I don't have to call the functions explicitly.

P.S. I am just beginning to use Python, so excuse me if its a simple/straight forward. Will appreciate if someone can point me to any existing solution or can provide their own solution.