how do i hide /magento/ in my site's url?


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A site has an existing system (lets call it <em>mysite</em>)
and the client asks to put in magento.

My directory structure goes something like this:

   -index.php (this is the app's main controller)
   /blog (runs wordpress)
   /assets (current system's media folder)
   /magento (this is where all magento files go)

Problem is if I set up magento and specify in the installation that base URL is
, magento loads up <em>mysite</em>.

Leaves me no choice but to setup magento with base URL set to
and it runs perfectly.
However the client wants me to feel hell and asks me to hide magento in the URL.

I’m not really versed in .htaccess and I know only simple rewrite codes so I tried forwarding any HTTP requests that start with
to the <em>magento</em> folder and came up with:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/magento(.*)
RewriteRule (.*) /magento/$1 [L]

Just when I thought it was working, <em>mysite</em> links all became unaccessible and forwards to the magento system displaying it's 404 page.

So, uhm, can I ask for help how to construct the .htaccess to hide the
on the URLs without affecting the current system aka <em>mysite</em>?