How do I remove a user from a mysql database?


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I have googled this, but I don't really know how to explain my problem and I might be looking at the wrong keywords. So let me try to explain it. On one of my sites, not hosted here... yet :p I have a forum which used to be on phpbb3 and then I converted it to smf. So it said when I made the conversion, that I needed to put my smf user inside the phpbb database, and now I wanted to delete that one since it's not in use. If I remove the smf user I created from the phpbb database would it be deleted completely forever?

I just want to move it out, but not delete it completely cause my smf forum is still active.


Here's a picture. See I want to delete the _forum database and _forum user, but I don't want to remove the _smf1 user because it's in use. How do I do it? I am just wondering if I click on the delete button it won't delete both users that are connected to that database.

thanks in advance!


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To remove tsport_forum database and tsport_forum user, run the following queries in phpMyAdmin:
DROP DATABASE 'tsport_forum';
DROP USER 'tsport_forum';