How do you keep fit?


I need to get in the game again as have been sitting too much in front of a black box. Was just wondering what every one is doing to keep fit? Walking? Running? Working out?


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I used to do running every 2 days for nearly a year, stopped and become a fatty again :) I tried gym as well, I didn't liked it.


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I run almost every day. I like the simplicity of running, just step out the door and run for a while. My main motivation is to become a better runner and improve my times in the few races I run each year. It has a big impact on my psychological well-being (in a positive way) but I'm not sure how much (if any) running I would be able to motivate myself to do if I didn't had the competitive part of running.


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I'd love to find the motivation to run, it's like drinking water, I know I should it just doesn't taste of anything :undecided:


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When the good weather comes around I usually wake up real early to walk or run (I usually start by walking and after a few days when I am used to it, start running) along my neighbourhood. I also drink a lot of water. It helps.


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I'm so busy I'm always running around. But yes, I probably need to do some real exercise programs. I've been thinking about yoga for a while. As that is supposed to relax a person.


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:lol:I think by doing a good diet and running.
And don't run like 1-2 minutes run many minutes cause you need to start "burning" fat ..


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i d'ont, but like do a sports like badminton or tabletennis why not swimming, but lazy & lazy only thoughts hope will do one this year.


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I am. I do workout in Gym everyday for 3 hours. And wake up before the sun rises. But I do take small nap after my lunch. I am also taking some food supplements for the growth of my muscles.


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aya said:
How do you keep fit? = Sex.

Yes - that! and taking my kayak out chasing gators. Sometimes fishing is exercise too, it depends what you're fishing for, and how. I used to ride mountain bikes, but there's really no good terrain where I live now, and I've got a yak instead of a bike now. At one point I lifted weights, but that's just hard work ...


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Probably the biggest problem with starting to work out or do any excersises is the motivation. I recommend you to find some colleagues to join you (or you join them) in running or jogging. It is probably the most efifcient method to get motvated in the beginnings. When I was beginning, running with someone else made me manage to do a distance like 30-50% longer than if I would have ran on my own. That works nevertheless of the sport, I guess, be it in working out, running or anything.

If you prefer to begin on your own, check out some tracking apps, (like in this topic). getting notified of the results, and seeing improvements helps a lot ;)

That's just a short text about how to begin for you ;) I do run and do push-ups almost everyday. That does not require too much time and makes one feel a lot better!


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I hate gym or those working machines. My favorite methods are Swimming, Yoga and Indoor Badminton. indoor Badminton is a pretty good workout. I used to play 2-3 hours in 3 days a week in late evenings with bunch of days.


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Swimming is indeed awesome exercise, and the man in grey is an incredible motivator ;)

I need a new dive float so I can take the speargun out next weekend. Have to find a dive buddy too - have to get 100 yards off shore to spear, and the taxman hunts there too. The only thing better than spearing dinner is not being somethings lunch.


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Play basketball, even if you have zero skill.

It's the best thing for you. It's stop and go so you can catch your breath from time to time, depending on who's playing. Just moving around the court in a game can improve both fast and slow twitch muscles.You don't even need to touch the ball to have an impact on the game. Set hard screens and get in someone's face on defense. There are NBA players who make $$$$$$$$ without even dribbling 10 times in a professional game. Anyone can find a role.


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I second basketball, it's a fast paced game.

I just got a boat of my very own - now that the waters are calming down enough for me to take it out of the inlet, I'll be doing some freedive spearfishing. It's WAY too hot here to play basketball, so the best way to be active is to be in the water to keep cool.

Hope I don't have an argument with the man in the grey suit (shark) though, he can be pretty gnarly! I'm a few hundred miles south of the shark attack capital of the world. I think their migration is just about over, so it'll only be some stragglers left.

Have to take advantage of the calm days - it's only a 15' 65hp boat, not something you want to get caught in rough water in the Atlantic.


I mostly am a runner, I used to play football (rugby), but have moved on.