How do you solve your tech problems?


When I have a tech problem I usually Google it, and 9 out of 10 times I'll find the answer in a discussion Forum. I must say Tom's Hardware has come up frequently with some good solutions.

Any other resources that you use when you have a tech problem?


My brother in law is a geek genius. Both hardware and software. Totally disgusted with me of course for using FrontPage Editor, but I'm well served on everything I need by just asking him. I also Google some of it myself.


Sander k said:
Just throw your computer out the window ;)

Good one, mine is turning all of the switches on and off. Starting with my computer by logging out, turning the switch off right through to the mains. :p


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well , google is alawys the first step ..
if i couldnt find the solution ..
well then maybe i try to ask in some forums ( tech forums ) or sometimes ask my friends because maybe they know a way around :smile:


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I'm always with friends who know, and I know a few things too. Google also helps of course. There are a few sites like Tom's Hardware that are good sources for troubleshooting problems.


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I solve my tech problems, 95% of the time, myself. I (sometimgs) use trial and error, but if it's something that I am new to, I google it, just like you. I self-taught myself everything I know now about computers, starting back in 2007, with windows xp. I was young, so it was easy to learn.


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I always have difficulty trying to diagnose hardware issues - and how to know if someone thing is a hardware issue (when there's no obvious sign like sparks or noise).