How fragile is Gigalicious?


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To sysadmin/mods --

The reason I ask is because I run a site on another free host...overall, they've been pretty good, but the site went down a few days back and no one can get ahold of the sysadmin...this is quite odd, as he's always been very responsive to problems and putting things aright in the past...

I've been in this situation before, so I'm thinking about moving that site over here. The current site I have with Giga is for testing, so it's not that much of a concern, but this other one had a fairly respectable rep and traffic and I don't want to jump into the same situation again...

So my question is, if Something Bad happens to the sysadmin here, what is the recourse? If the servers go down, is there anyone other than him who can do a reset? If he becomes incommunicado, is there a backup plan -- another party to contact -- to find out what's going on? Is the admin of Giga a one-person affair, or are there others who can pick up the reins should the current sysadmin become incapacitated?

I realize this is a fairly touchy subject, but I kinda need to know if there's a Plan B in place should untoward events cause the sysadmin to be unable to keep this server online...

PM me if necessary, & many thnx for the work you all do...



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I was actually wondering the same thing around the time I joined, but not specifically to Gigalicous, to all free web hosts in general, I think if there's not since you brought it up a back up plan would be eventually made


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@Midgard. We have at least two technical specialists on the staff with root access to the Server, whereas in the case you're referring to there is only one person who can work the Server. So our Plan B is inbuilt. Not only that, the two people who work the Server here have years of specialist experience, and better yet, the owner is a stickler for new technology. He chooses his servers with great care and has zero tolerance for servers that aren't in excellent working order. If there were any difficulties involved, as where you are, I can't imagine he would have allowed it to carry on for as long as it has. Another plus is that the owner and technical admin are very open people. If anything should happen in their lives, they'd communicate this to the Forum as a priority. You'll have plenty of warning to make alternative arrangements, and they may even help you with those.

I'd suggest, if it is possible for you, to wait at least until you're able to get a back-up of your Website. Not only a full back-up, but also separate back-ups of the databases. Also, if there are any aspects of your Website that require special attention in the move, why not mention them here so the technical team can make suggestions.


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That's very good to hear. I've run into problems with several other free hosts that are run by one or two people, and if a server goes down it can take to long time to get hold of someone to fix the problem. The other problem I've seen, which I hope doesn't happen here, is where the host admin is so intent on deploying the latest technology, that they are constantly changing things. With the system in a constant state of flux all kinds of problems arise as major new hardware changes take place every month and new software versions are installed every week or so.

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I guess if there should be a terrible error or what ever, I could assist as well. I have had my own hosting company for 4 years.


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I've noticed this as well at the other free hosting for posting website I've used. The admin has been absent from the forum for about 4-5 months now. This is something every admin should think about when starting a service.


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I am really new to this host and glad to know that i am going to be in great hands and that there are multiple admins running the server.


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Well @Midgard though I don't have my site hosted with gigarank but I've been member of there several previous free web hosting projects, so let me tell you our very own @DJB has been in into free hosting since many years, he had ran some of the top free hosting sites like stonerocket and freeftpspace, personally I have been hosting my sites with them since last 3 years, still one of my site is hosted at old server which was earlier under djb and have never ever experienced downtime even once, so need to worry about the quality of service you will get, you'll never realize that you are on free host :good:

P.S. but keep posting to help these forums stay rich, cheers :drinks: