How to add all background options with options tree in wordpress theme?


Staff member
I'm relatively new to WordPress theme development, and I had to create a theme with options tree. I have successfully add some options with options tree plugin in my wordpress theme.But i am really stand when i go to add Background option. I have complete section an settings on theme option with 'type' => 'background', after i see i have find some options on dashboards theme options like 'select color', 'background-repeat', ''background-attachment', 'background-position' and background size. Now i want to query all methods but i have did'nt know how can i do this. exactly i want to do dynamic this code
body{background:url(from option tree attach file) option tree repeat option scroll options tree position options tree background size options tree color}

this is exact css body{background:url(img/body_bg.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0 # ddd}. Any one Please help me.