How to add google+ share callback in Gigya Wordpress plugin?


Staff member
I am currently using Gigya wordpress plugin to implement the share bar in Wordpress but I need to be able to track the share event and I am not using Google Analytic. Any idea how I can add a callback in this plugin to enable tracking? The reason I need to use a callback is because google plus share is in an iframe and I can't bind the click event.

I've read this documentation but this is using the Gigya api which is different than the wordpress plug. I tried to use this piece of code and it is not doing anything.

// onSendDone - event handler method, called after Gigya finishes the sharing process
// Reports the event to your Analytics provider
function onSendDone(event) {
    if(event.providers) {
      var providers = event.providers.split(",");
      for(i = 0; i < providers.length; i++) {
           var provider = providers[i];
           // Report the event to your Analytics provider
           console.log('pass in ' + provider);

var ua = new;
var currentURL = window.location.href;
var $currentTitle = $j('title').text();
// Define Share Bar plugin's Parameters  
var shareBarParams ={
        shareButtons: "google-plusone",
        containerID: '.gig-button-container-google-plusone', // location of the Share Bar plugin,
        onSendDone: onSendDone // onSendDone method is called after Gigya finishes the publishing process.
// Load Share Bar plugin;