How to copy/transfer WordPress sites from one location to another


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I'm new to WordPress and thoroughly impressed with the platform... That is until it came time to publish my local MAMP wordpress site to my production server- There's just no clear and straightforward way to transfer a site from one server to another.


Transfer a complete wordpress site from one location to another, while maintaining all media, settings, and content.

<strong>Existing method limitations:</strong>

<li>Built-in export/import functionality
<li>Does not transfer themes or settings</li>
<li>Adds to current content, but does not replace current articles or clear out old ones.</li>
<li>Doing a sql-dump export and import
<li>paths are absolute, and are not updated, so links, etc are all broken in new site.</li>


The codex offers this <a href="" rel="nofollow">multi-step solution</a>, but I'm looking for something easier. It's not practical for repeated transfers, like in a publishing scenario.