How to create continuously repeating scrolling background image in Open GL?


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I have one image: background.png. How to create continuously repeating scrolling background image with android OpenGL ES or AndEngine library or other technology you know?

<img src="" alt="moving cloud">

Currently, I use two-adjacent-image technique. I load image (background.png) two times and I put them adjacently, then I move them. So it looks like just one image scrolling continuously.

But, somehow I think there might be a better solution with just using one image instance. Anyone can share?

For the one who curious, this is the two-adjacent-image code (using AndEngine library):

movingBackgroundSprite.registerEntityModifier(new LoopEntityModifier(
    new MoveYModifier(10, -CAMERA_HEIGHT, 0)));     
movingBackgroundSprite2.registerEntityModifier(new LoopEntityModifier(
    new MoveYModifier(10, 0, CAMERA_HEIGHT)));

Above code is about making a background image repeatedly &amp; vertically scrolling from top to bottom.

* movingBackgroundSprite is a Sprite class that load the background.png image. You can see there are two instances of the background Sprite.<br/>
* registerEntityModifier -> apply modifier/behaviour for the Sprite<br/>
* LoopEntityModifier -> looping behaviour<br/>
* MoveYModifier -> moving behaviour by y-position. The 1st argument is the duration (you can ignore this since it's nothing to do with the question), the 2nd argument is the Source-Y position, the 3rd argument is the Destination-Y position.<br/>
* CAMERA_HEIGHT -> constant that define the height of background image.<br/>