How to get dynamic post ID or value in a jquery script


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I'm working on a little wordpress plugin "rate my whatever". This plugin works well on single posts but on blog page when there is several posts the plugin is not able to see from which post id the click has been done. It always takes the page's firt post value.

I have added post id to id and class names to solve the issue (e g : post_id$post->ID) but now I'm blocked edting the jquery file in this way.

the php code of a post vote item :

 <input type=\"hidden\" id=\"post_id$post->ID\" value=\"" . $post->ID . "\" />
    <div class=\"vote\">
    <a class=\"vote_up\" href=\"#\"></a></td>
    <a class=\"vote_down\" href=\"#\"></a></td></tr>
<td class=\"up_perc$post->ID\">" . get_percentage(1, $post->ID ) ."%</td>
<td class=\"down_perc$post->ID\">" . get_percentage(2, $post->ID) . "% </td>

 <div class=\"vote_succ$post->ID\"></div>

The jquery code (for vote up, vote down is pretty the same) :

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 

        $(".vote_up").click(function(e) { 

        $.post('/wp-content/plugins/rate-my-whatever/rate.php', {vote_type: "1", post_id: $("#post_id1").val()}, function(data) {

            $.post('/wp-content/plugins/rate-my-whatever/rate.php', {action: "getPercentage",  vote_type: "1", post_id: $("#post_id1").val()}, function(data2) {
            $.post('/wp-content/plugins/rate-my-whatever/rate.php', {action: "getPercentage", vote_type: "2", post_id: $("#post_id1").val()}, function(data3) {

I put staticly "1" after some id and class elements to check how my problem would be solved, it works fine with Post 1 which id and value are "1", now I need to replace the "1" at the end of #post_id, .vote_succ, .up_perc, .down_perc by dynamic code to make it work with dynamic elements generated by the php code.

Thanks for your help.