How to get SVN to ignore a directory inside an externals definition


Staff member
I'm using subversion to host my own repository for a WordPress installation. I've got it set up so that all of the core WordPress files are in their own directory (called wordpress) and set up to use svn:externals to link to the WordPress repository. I then have my own copy of the wp-content directory (located outside of the wordpress directory) which does not use svn:externals. This is all working fine.

When I update my repository, the WordPress core gets updated. Since the WordPress repository contains it's own wp-content directory, it also updates that directory. So my file structure ends up looking something like this:

--/wordpress/   (wordpress repo)
--/wp-content/  (my local repo)

I end up having two separate versions of the wp-content folder (one from my repo and one from the WordPress repo). I don't want the one from the WordPress repo (or at least not in that location). Is there a way for me to set svn to ignore the wordpress/wp-content directory while still using externals definition?